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Telenor Quiz Answers Today 28 February 2023

Are you looking for the correct answer? So here is the list of today’s Telenor questions answered.

Question 1: PSL matches are total ____ overs long?

  • 10 Overs
  • 16 Overs
  • 40 Overs
  • 72 Overs

Answer: 40 Overs

Question 2: Karachi King’s jersey colour in 2023 is _____?

  • Pink & Blue
  • Blue & Gold
  • Red
  • Silver

Answer: Blue & Gold

Question 3: PSL 2023 is the ____ season of PSL?

  • 8th
  • 5th
  • 6th
  • 10th

Answer: 8th

Question 4: Which of these is the oldest unchanged rule of cricket?

  • Player Count
  • Team
  • Pitch Length
  • Stadium

Answer: Pitch Length

Question 5: A cricket ball must weigh ____?

  • 1 g
  • 163 g
  • 17 Kilos
  • 5 Kilos

Answer: 163 g

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Telenor?

With 189 million users and annual revenue of approximately USD 14 billion, Telenor Group is a large telecom company in Asia and the Nordics. Fornebu, Norway, is where the company was started in 1855. Telenor is focused on business ethics and is motivated by the goal to empower people throughout the world.

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Telenor is one of the best telecom Providers in many countries. The Telenor app is basically an app for Telenor users. Telenor app is the best app to activate any Internet, voice call, or SMS bundle with just a simple click. Telenor provides daily free internet to their customers by answering the Telenor simple quiz.

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How to get Telenor free internet MBs?

You can get free Telenor internet Mb’s by giving test your skills. Answer the daily telenor quiz and get unlimited free MBs.

Is Telenor Scam?

No, Telenor is not a scam. If you give telenor quiz answers, a reward will be given to the users.

What are the minimum requirements to get free internet on my Telenor App?

You shoulhave at least 1 paisa to claim your reward after the completion of quiz.

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