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Do you want to download the omer series in Hindi | Urdu language? If yes then you are in the right place to download omer series for free in Hindi or Urdu.

About Omer Series

Omar Series is a historical drama television series that tells the story of Umar ibn Al-Khattab, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad and the second caliph of the Islamic state. The series covers various events from Umar’s life, from his pre-Islamic days until his assassination.

It is a 30-episode series that covers various events from Umar’s life from his pre-Islamic days until his assassination and is based on established historical facts. The series begins with the 23rd year of Hijra at Mecca, where Muslim pilgrims are gathered for the Hajj. Umar is shown supplicating to God while performing the Tawaaf around the Ka’abah.

On the return journey to Medina from Mecca, Umar recalls his past days tending to his father’s camels in the desert. After embracing Islam, Umar’s life has changed and he is no longer bound to anyone other than God. The series then takes viewers on a historical journey as Umar reflects on the various events that occurred during his lifetime.

Trailer in Urdu/Hindi.

Here is the trailer you would love to watch before watching the complete series to have an idea of it. We have updated it with some cool transitions and text.
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Who was Umar Farooq r.a.?

Umar Farooq (also spelt Umar or Omar) was a companion of the Prophet Muhammad and the second caliph (leader) of the Islamic state after the death of the Prophet. He is also known as Umar ibn Al-Khattab (Umar, son of Al-Khattab). He is highly respected by Muslims for his wisdom, leadership, and commitment to justice and righteousness. Umar played a significant role in the early spread and development of Islam and is considered one of the “Four Rightly Guided Caliphs” by many Muslims.

He is also known for implementing various reforms during his time as caliph, including the establishment of a standardized system of coinage, the compilation of the first official copies of the Quran, and the expansion of the Islamic state through military campaigns. Umar is remembered as a fair and just leader who worked to establish justice and equality for all Muslims.

How to get omer series free download Hindi | Urdu:

Just follow the below steps to download the omer series in Urdu and Hindi on mobile.

  1. first, you need to download the application Vidmate Downloader to download the episodes.
  2. Then you will click the video in the pdf file to watch or watch all episodes.
  3. The pdf file is given below.

For Download Omer series on Laptop | or PC, you don’t need to download vidmate app. Just click on episodes and it will start downloading

Series Free Download Hindi | Urdu Pdf


omer series free download


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