How to Wirelessly Transfer Data from Mobile to PC

Are you searching for a method to transfer data from mobile to PC? Yes, then I show you how to transfer data from mobile to PC wirelessly and vice versa.

There are many options for file transfer from mobile to PC, including Bluetooth transfer, USB cable method, cloud sync, tool sync, etc. but I will show you the simplest and easiest one to share files wirelessly.

Wirelessly Data Sharing

Wirelessly data sharing means that you don’t need any cable to connect two devices. We can share use many technologies to share our data. Previously people share their data through USB and cable. With the progress of tech now you can do this without connecting any cable. Some wireless sharing methods are Bluetooth, wifi routers, and sharing apps (Shareit and Zapya).

Since all Windows, Apple, and Android devices can connect to a WiFi router, you can wirelessly transfer files between the various operating systems.

But you do need the assistance of some software on your mobile device to execute this method, and the process can be fiddly.

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Transfer Data from Mobile to PC Wirelessly

Below we have explained how to transfer files wirelessly from phone to laptop and PC to mobile.

Let’s get started.

Step 1

Open the play store on mobile and download Wifi FTP Server. It is just a very small application of 2 to 5 MB.

Step 2

Open the App and click “Start”. This will start running the server.

wirelessly share data from mobile to pc

Step 3

Open this PC on a laptop or Desktop. Right-click and select ” add a new network


Step 4

A new window will open just click on next > next and then insert server Url seeing from the mobile.

connecting wirelessly process
connecting wirelessly process

Insert Server URL from the Mobile

adding server url


Step 5

Uncheck logon anonymously and add a username from the mobile


Step 6

Congratulation! You have successfully connected your mobile with PC wirelessly.

Click on the new device and share data wirelessly between mobile and laptop without any cable.



I hope this article assisted you, in how to transfer data from mobile to PC wirelessly. If you found the guide useful then you should share it with other tech users. Moreover, if you have any queries then you can ask me in the comments.

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